Get to know Ps100 better; read the interview below:

What is the name of the new album? Why was it chosen?

The name of the album is “The Other Side,” and it was named after the title track of the album. We chose it because we feel it is a very influential song and many people will be able to relate to it.

It is about someone who is contemplating their own mortality, and after they pass on how loved ones left behind will carry on without them. He comforts them by saying he’ll be waiting on “the other side.”

How does this album differ from your previous one?

This album is different in many ways. It was recorded professionally at Eastco’s California Rd. Studios in Orchard Park, NY. Our last album, “Movin' On,” was recorded on a limited budget, and though we’ve had a great response from it, we wanted to offer our listeners something that was much higher in quality.

The cover photography, done by Tom Smith, our bass player, was taken at the old Opera House in Albion. It's visually very cool and works well with the theme of the album. We like to include “a little piece of home” in there when we can.

Musically, the song content and quality has improved as well.

When will it be released?

It is being released December 4th just in time for Christmas.

What type of songs are on there?

We are a Christian rock/worship band, so there are some uptempo songs that really kick on there for sure, but there are also some really nice acoustic songs as well, so there is something for everyone’s taste.

What is a favorite song and why?

“The Other Side” is special because it’s something people think about often. The thought of being separated from those we love worries all of us, and the fact that Mike’s wife is battling brain cancer brings this way too close to home. Another one, which has kind of grown on us, is “Whole Lotta Praisin'.” It talks about all the things that someone would encounter on any given Sunday morning at church.

How has the group changed and progressed since the release of your last album?

The group has grown quite a bit since then. We have been playing out a lot more which is the way we like it, and because of this we are spending more time together which is good but sometimes you can wear on each other a bit, so we are learning to give each other space.

We're also learning how to lean on each other, too, so it has brought us closer together as well. We have learned a lot more about the business side of things. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes that people don’t think about like promotion, traveling, merchandise, scheduling, rehearsals, having a strong group of support people behind you, and, of course, lots of prayer.

We are also learning to trust the Lord more. There is always a certain amount of risk involved when pursuing music and very few ever make it, but we are learning to keep moving forward trusting God to open doors He wants us to go through.

Why do you think fans will enjoy the album?
They are going to enjoy the music first of all. We have put a lot of time and effort into making sure the songs have a good flow dynamically. We also wanted to make sure that the musicianship and creativity showed through more on this album. With only three guys in the band it forces us to be more creative and busy musically and we wanted to make sure the recording represented these characteristics well. People are going to relate to the lyrics of these songs. A great emphasis is placed on the listener during the writing process, so they will be moved when they hear the songs.